und.Institut for Art, Culture and Sustainability
Founded in 2004 as a non-profit-organisation and based in Berlin, the und.Institut connects the fields of art and culture with the field of sustainability and seeks to develop exemplary models of productive exchange.

Cultures of Enlivenment
From 2015 onward, the und.Institut for Art, Culture and Sustainability invites you to discover "cultures of enlivenment". In a series of enlivenment workshops spanning various spheres of society - including economy, education, agriculture, banking, science and politics - we are exploring the paradigm of "enlivenment" as a new basis for an ecologically sustainable civilization. 

Institute for Social Banking
The Institute of Social Banking promotes a concept of finance and banking that specifically orients itself towards a perception of and responsibility for the development of both people and the planet. One of its key activities is an annual International Summer School on Social Banking, to which I have been contributing as a facilitator since 2015.

Heiligengeist School Lüneburg. A growing sculpture
Art project with Swiss artist George Steinmann, initiated by und.Institut for Art, Culture and Sustainability in 2009. In September 2009 the German UNESCO Commission declared the Growing Sculpture Heiligengeist School Lüneburg an Official Project of the UNESCO Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Social Sculpture Research Unit (SSRU)

The Social Sculpture Research Unit (SSRU) at the Oxford Brookes University explores interdisciplinary creativity and connective aesthetics: the relationship between aesthetic, transformative social processes and sustainable futures. The unit has a particular interest in drawing upon and further developing the ideas and practices concerning social sculpture that were established by Joseph Beuys. It was founded, and continues to be directed, by former Beuys student Shelley Sacks.

EcoArt South Florida
EcoArt South Florida aims to create a strong presence for ecologically-concerned art in South Florida. Its primary role is to educate the general public, and leaders of key environmental and cultural stakeholder organisations regarding the significant role ecoart can play to enhance responsible stewardship of environmental resources in the region.

Gallery Heike Strelow

Heike Strelow art historian, curator and gallerist, is among the founding members of the und.Institute and directs the institute's Frankfurt office. Among the artists exhibited by Heike Strelow are Marco Evaristti, Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt, Igor Sacharow-Ross, Chrysanne Stathacos and George Steinmann.

Kemal Kurt-Online-Archive

The life and work of writer Kemal Kurt is documented in this online archive, administered by myself, together with his daughters Lena und Meral Kurt.